When there’s an issue with an aircraft’s power pack, actuator, or other hydraulic components, overhaul is a cost-effective way to return your components to like-new condition. Cox Airparts specializes in the overhaul of hydraulic components for Beechcraft King Air, Piper PA-46 and a wide range of other general aviation aircraft manufacturers. Check our parts list to see if your aircraft’s component is listed. We offer worldwide shipping with single or dual-release 8130-3 certification. Need a part right away for an AOG issue? We offer next-day service on exchanges.

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What Is Overhaul In Aviation

What is Overhaul in Aviation?

Overhaul is the process of returning an aviation component to like-new condition. Overhauled parts can last a decade or more, and they conform to the service tolerances for airworthiness established by the manufacturer or certificate holder. If you don’t need the quick turnaround of an exchange, you can save money and get a long-lasting component with an overhaul. You’ll get your own core back and you only pay for the service and any parts that are repaired or replaced.

Quality Part Overhaul from Cox Airparts

As an FAA and EASA Part 145 repair station with a limited rating, Cox Airparts offers overhauls and repairs with single or dual-release 8130-3 certification. We functionally test every component we overhaul or repair prior to returning to service. We’re centrally located in Kansas and serve business and general aviation customers worldwide. With decades of experience, we believe in quality over everything, and we functionally test every component we overhaul or repair prior to returning to service.

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Quality Part Overhaul From Cox Airparts

Certified Aircraft Parts

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Certified Aircraft Parts
Cox Airparts Component Overhaul Process

Our Component Overhaul Process

View each category to see specific components and then contact us to check availability or request a quote.

  1. Contact us online or by phone to get a quote.
  2. Ship us your component.
  3. We check your component into our system.
  4. Our teardown techs disassemble and clean your component.
  5. We’ll check for any broken parts or parts that are beyond use from being worn.
  6. If any bad parts are found, we’ll send you an estimate for the cost of the new parts in addition to the overhaul cost.
  7. After we get your approval to proceed, we’ll either order the parts or give them to the tech to reassemble.
  8. The reassembled part is tested in accordance with either our specs or aircraft manufacturer’s specifications.
  9. After testing is the final inspection to make sure everything is where it needs to be, clocked right and safety wired.
  10. Invoicing contacts you about payment and how you want it shipped.
  11. Finally, your component is boxed up and shipped back to you.

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Should I choose overhaul or exchange for my aircraft components?

Overhaul is the most economical choice, if there’s not an immediate need. For AOG (aircraft on ground) issues, choose exchange to have an in-stock part shipped out to you as soon as the next day. You’ll have 30 days to return your core to us.

How does overhaul work?

Overhaul consists of tearing down or disassembling a component, cleaning it, inspecting it, repairing or replacing parts, and then reassembling the component and testing it.

What is the turn time to overhaul a part?

Turnaround times depend on the component and what it needs. A safe estimate is 4-6 weeks, but it’s best to call us to get an accurate turn time for your power pack, actuator or other hydraulic part.

What does overhaul + parts mean?

The cost is generally quoted as overhaul + parts, which means you pay for the overhaul service plus the cost of any parts that have to be replaced or repaired.