For reliable hydraulic testing, including compression testing and torsion and shear testing, count on Cox Airparts. We specialize in aircraft part testing for a range of general aviation aircraft manufacturers including Beechcraft King Air and Piper PA-46.

You can send us your new production components just for testing and first article inspection or we can complete assembly and testing for you. Additionally, every component we repair or overhaul is functionally tested prior to return to service.

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Trust Cox Airparts For Reliable Results

Trust Cox Airparts for Reliable Results

Cox Airparts is an FAA and EASA Part 145 repair station with a limited rating, so you can count on us for reliable testing of your new hydraulic components. We serve business and general aviation customers around the world from our central location in Wichita, Kansas.

Our test stands are specially made in-house to replicate the airframe and functionally test parts as they would work on an aircraft. We have the equipment to perform a power pack function test and we can hook up wire harnesses to perform electrical testing and ensure the electricity is going through like it’s supposed to. Our test stand will actually operate the doors and gears simultaneously without having to hook up different lines. Then it will shut the power pack off automatically just like it would on the airframe.

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Certified Aircraft Parts We Test

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Certified Aircraft Parts We Test
Our Parts Testing Process

Our Parts Testing Process

  1. You send us your drawings.
  2. If we can perform the testing, we’ll quote you a cost per part.
  3. We get the tooling needed to complete the testing.
  4. You bring us your parts.
  5. We test the parts.
  6. We do a first article inspection.
  7. We do a certificate of conformance.
  8. Invoice is created and parts are ready for pickup.
  9. We create and invoice and ship your part back to you.

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What is the purpose of testing aircraft hydraulic parts?

Hydraulic aircraft components are tested for their functional performance, to check for potential defects, to extend the service life of the part, and to ensure the reliability of the part and the safety of the passengers and crew.

What is functional testing?

Functional testing ensures that a part performs as intended as it goes through different operational cycles. In the case of hydraulic aircraft components, this includes things like electrical testing, compression testing, and more.

What is pressure testing?

Torsion testing measures how well a part like a shaft or an axle resists twisting force. Shear testing measures the capability of components to resist a sliding or shearing force. It’s used for springs, lock actuators, cables, and hardware.

What is torsion and shear testing?

Torsion testing measures how well a part like a shaft or an axle resists twisting force. Shear testing measures the capability of components to resist a sliding or shearing force. It’s used for mounting hardware such as bolts, screws, roll pins, and rod ends.

When should aircraft hydraulic parts be tested?

Parts or assemblies produced during a new production run should be tested before they’re installed in aircraft. Any part or component that has been overhauled or repaired should be tested to ensure that it functions correctly (functional testing). Testing is also required after incidents that could have caused damage to the component. Additional testing frequency for aircraft hydraulic components is determined by scheduled maintenance intervals according to the number of operational hours.

What is a first article inspection?

A first article inspection (FAI) involves inspecting and testing the first few assemblies or parts of a new production run. This ensures they comply with the specifications of the engineering drawings. The FAI is a critical part of aircraft part quality control. After the inspection and testing are completed, a First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) is created to document the results.

What is a certificate of conformance (COC)?

A certificate of conformance, sometimes called a certificate of conformity or a COC, is a document verifying a product has been tested to show compliance with regulatory standards. A COC is issued by either the manufacturer or a designated entity that has the authority to complete the required testing.