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Amazing expertise

Rick's expertise of hydraulic systems is amazing. He thoroughly understands the systems and can explain their operation in understandable terms. He accurately diagnosed a long-term problem I have been having in the gear system based on my explanation and findings. Rick's accurate diagnosis saved me time and money chasing symptoms. I'm super happy with his service.

Dave Nicholes

Appreciate y’all

I'm the installing mechanic for the Juergen Koehn's Rockwell Commander 114A GT power pack. I am very happy with the power pack and the information Cox Airparts provided during the overhaul. They were able to figure out the power pack we had installed was the wrong part number and got the correct one built and sent to us.

Mike LaPlant

Great job on this actuator

Thanks for helping us out with the 1280514-12 actuator. We flushed the system and installed new flexible hoses.  We swung the gear many times and leaked checked with no leaks noted and everything worked good. Thanks again for doing a great job on this actuator.

George Lapaseotes
L&L Aviation LLC


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