Cessna Hydraulic Units

Unlike other repair stations, Cox Airparts specializes in hydraulic power packs that go on the Cessna RG 172, 177, 182, 210, 303 and 337. Rick Cox, the owner of Cox Airparts, knows everything about the ins and outs of hydraulic power packs, and has been troubleshooting and helping customers solve these types of hydraulic problems for more than 20 years.

In 2010, Cox Airparts bought the rights to the Cessna electric motor (Part number 1280811-1 on the Cessna Hydraulic Power Packs) from Industrial Dynamics. Cox Airparts has the capability of overhauling these units, as well as the Cessna 9881128- 1 and 9881141-1 motors that go on the Cessna Hydraulic Power Packs.


Cox Airparts maintains a large inventory of various power packs and component parts ready for exchange and immediate shipment, but can overhaul your aircraft’s existing power pack in a short time.

When a customer requests an overhaul, Cox Airparts performs a functionality test on each component using its sophisticated hydraulic test stand. This equipment was specially made to testpower packs and other hydraulic components. Scroll down to view a video of this process.

Here are a few of the hydraulic power packs that Cox Airparts keeps in stock for quick exchange:

CESSNA: EA1332-1; EA1585-3 and -4; EA1763-1; OAS2940-1 and -5; 1280800-3, 1280845-1; 1580025-1; 9881200-1; 9881205- 1; 9881124-1 and -3; 9881133-1; 9881110-1.


Cox Airparts can perform function tests of power packs with the special equipment demonstrated in the video below.

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